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Frequently Asked Questions

RXeAid is a service used by pharmacies to provide patients with a safe and easy delivery process as well as personalised care, including but not limited to, prescription synchronization, organised medication schedules, and unlimited communication.


We offer free delivery on prescriptions and over-the-counter products, medication synchronization, and pill-packs to help you keep track of your dosing schedule.

RXeAid will deliver or mail your prescription within 5 hours of receiving it from your doctor’s office. If we receive your prescription outside of our normal business hours, we will either deliver it the following day at your preference or send it out via USPS priority mail.

RXeAid will notify your provider regarding the prior authorization. The insurance company will need to obtain more information regarding your prescription from your provider before we can process your order. As soon as your doctor completes the prior authorization, the pharmacy will fill the medication and it can be delivered. We will always update you on the status of your script.

Our pharmacies usually have common medications in stock. If we do have a specific medication, we will always try to find a different local pharmacy that has the drug in stock. If not, the pharmacy can order the medication for the next business day, and you will be notified when the prescription is finished so you can select a delivery time.

RXeAid does not directly bill your insurance company. The pharmacies we are partnered with will bill and process the prescription before it is delivered to you. The majority of insurance plans are accepted at these pharmacies. We recommend you call your insurance company to double check your coverage, as some have plans that restrict plan holders to only filling at select retail chains or via mail order.

If you are currently filling a medication at a different pharmacy, simply fill out a prescription transfer request. You will need the name of your prescription and the pharmacy's contact information.


We have competitive prices and free services to make your patients’ lives easier. We offer free delivery on prescriptions and over-the-counter products, medication synchronization, and pill-packs to help you keep track of your dosing schedule.

We encourage all physicians, physician associates, nurse practitioners, midwives, dentists, and more to send their prescriptions to RXeAid. You can send us an electronic script or fax.


We want independent pharmacies to stick together! We offer free services for your patients such as delivery of prescription and over-the-counter products, medication synchronization, and pill packs to help keep track of patients’ dosing schedules. Other benefits include increased prescription volume, increased pharmacy foot traffic, 24/7 pharmacy support, and personalised advertising.

All deliveries are made by HIPAA-trained RXeAid drivers. Our drivers have undergone extensive background checks and training to ensure a safe delivery of the prescription. We also make sure to never leave a prescription unattended by requiring signatures from patients.

By just using our sticker, we will advertise your business by connecting you with healthcare teams in the local area. Additionally, we will write an in-depth personalised page on our site about your business!