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5 Benefits of Visiting Your Local Pharmacy

1. Personalized Care

Independent and local pharmacies provide the community with support. Pharmacists and staff are trained to help patients and customers attain their health goals. They are afforded with patience and time to tend to your needs. These examples are only some of the care that local pharmacies offer. They treat you like family, because to them you mean the world.

  • Help you use your new medications like inhalers and syringes
  • Check your vitals including blood pressure and heart rate
  • Organize your medications to help you understand why they are prescribed
  • Arrange drug take back programs so you don’t have to worry about discarding it yourself
  • Medication synchronization so you only need to visit once a month
  • Counseling on medications and over-the-counter supplies by understanding your medical history
2. Savings!

combination nasal spray. A cost saving solution would be to bill each nasal spray separately. This may cost only $20 a month. Local pharmacies have the time and support to cater to your needs.

3. Convenience

Independent pharmacies are equipped with delivery services and medication synchronisation programmes to help you obtain your medications quickly and easily. They also usually have a large storefront for any last-minute gifts or toiletries. For example, if you are packing for a last-minute flight, you can stop by your local pharmacy for your medication refill and fill up on your travel amenities like soap, mouthwash, toothpaste, and more! Lastly, independent pharmacies are always quick with their service. When they are sent prescriptions from you or your physician, they will be available for pick-up in less than twenty minutes. Especially during this time, they don’t want you waiting in congregated spaces. Safety is always their number one priority.

4. Collaborate closely with your doctor and insurance company.

When insurance rejects a claim for paying for a patient’s medication, it usually takes weeks before there is some sort of change or improvement. Most local pharmacies have a good working relationship with your physician. They also have time to research and find a medication that is covered under your plan. Instead of just letting your health care team know that "your medication is not covered," local pharmacies will also recommend a solution that works. This makes it easier for your doctor when deciding on other treatment options. Your local pharmacy will also help you with any emergency prescriptions by reaching out to the doctor on call. They are always there for you in times of crisis.

5. Additional Services

Your local pharmacies usually offer additional services. This can include services such as same-day delivery, automatic refills, courtesy calls, medication synchronization, and pill-packs to help you sort your medications. They also help patients when they seek advice on over-the-counter care. Pharmacists can help fit crutches and braces and help tend to sprains. To learn more about what kinds of services your local pharmacy may offer, just give them a call!


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