Why Independent Pharmacies?

As a collective of pharmacy enthusiasts, we developed technology to simplify, manage, and analyze your Rx purchases. Ultimately saving you money!

Independent pharmacies are your neighbourhood pharmacies that always look out for you and your patients. Independent pharmacies offer competitive pricing compared to big box retailers and will look further for cost-saving solutions. Our pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are trained to search for additional coupons before dispensing a script. Your community pharmacy needs your support. Don't let the big chains drive them out of business. We also accept all major insurance plans.

Why should Physicians
Partner with us?

We are a free service that offers support for all independent pharmacies. We understand the enormous pressures of staying in business day after day, and crunching numbers just to make ends meet while big box chains are taking away your clientele. That’s why we are here! By just using our sticker, we will advertise your business by connecting you with healthcare teams in the local area. We will even write an in-depth personalised page on our site about your business. Other additional features that we offer are prescription synchronization, pill-pack, and delivery services.

RXeAid for Patients

RXeAid is a service used by pharmacies to provide you with a safe and easy way to receive your prescriptions. We have partnered up with the best local pharmacies in town to offer you personalised care. We encourage all of your doctors, including but not limited to, physicians, physician associates, nurse practitioners, midwives, and dentists, to send your prescription to RXeAid. We'll connect your insurance, doctor, and pharmacy; all you have to do is sit back and relax.